3 Reasons Why An Internal Newsletter Is Not Supporting Your Internal Communication Strategy

#1 The Internal Newsletter Is Only A Part Of The Internal Communication ‘Puzzle’

What are the benefits of internal blogs?

#2 The Internal Newsletter Cannot Effectively Increase Employee Engagement In The Workplace

What is the main difference between an internal blog post and a newsletter?

#3 Newsletter Will Leave Non-Desk Workers Out of the Information Loop

Miscommunication impacts work efficiency and increases operational losses.

Can company culture thrive with limited internal communication tools?

  • All content is in one central location available to everyone.
  • Gamification is integrated to boost employee engagement and collaboration.
  • Due to the centralized architecture, the internal blog offers many benefits for your HR department.
  • Features in the company Wiki can be effectively used as part of your onboarding procedure.
  • Wiki can provide effective ways to gather and share knowledge within the company and to build a knowledge base.
  • The integration with popular mobile apps is simple, making it easier for employees to share content and get more involved.
  • Employees can give feedback directly (in the comment section, for example) and use different ways to express their opinion (words, emojis, links, video)
  • Given the internal blog can act as a knowledge hub, you have an opportunity to create a year-end publication of the trending content and distribute it to reach non-desk workers.

To sum up



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