9 Online Tools for Team Collaboration to Try

Communication-focused Tools:

  • Top level encryption
  • Multiple languages
  • Multi-platform capability
  • Premium tech-support
  • Private and group chat
  • Voice and video chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Co-browsing
  • Unlimited size file transfer
  • User-friendly interface reduces complexity level, enables fast performance, and allows team members to communicate in a seamless fashion.
  • Essential features such as whiteboards, video chat, screen share, file transfer, private and group chat, and other enable consistent information flow between peers.
  • The highly secure network provides all the necessary privacy to its users.

The Bat!

  • Powerful filtering system
  • Own address book
  • Customized email templates
  • Backup and restore
  • Internal HTML viewer
  • Selective download
  • In addition to highly secure and privacy-conscious email system, independence from other cloud-based email providers makes The Bat! highly reliable application to its users.
  • Powerful filters, folder views, templates, spam filtering, message tags, versatile search engine, and other excellent features offer its users an easy email management and simplified life organization.
  • A lot of menu options make The Bat! a bit confusing at first.


  • Screen sharing
  • Recording options
  • Multiple access points
  • Intuitive and easy to launch
  • Integration capabilities with other communication applications such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco, and Slack, enable its users to start a video chat without having to leave those apps, empowering productivity and faster workflow.
  • Clean, functional, and flexible interface with multi-device and multi-platform support offering two-way face-to-face call services make BlueJeans a perfect solution for remote teams collaboration.
  • Not browser based.
  • Lack of legibility on screen sharing.
  • No free options.


  • Completely free
  • Group & direct messaging
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Multi-OS capabilities
  • Integration with other apps
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Strong filtering
  • Searchable chat history kept forever
  • With the option to chat with anyone outside the organization privately, securely, and for free, Ryver makes it possible to communicate with clients and other business partners seamlessly and more efficiently than via emails.
  • A completely free service with a rich feature set and unlimited everything (large files to send & receive, chat history, users, messages) offers an all-in-one communication tool than every modern business team needs.
  • No voice call, video call, and screen sharing.

Collaboration-focused Tools:

  • Collaborative writing
  • File sharing
  • Group posting
  • Analytics
  • Search and editing
  • Unlimited members, pages, and posts
  • Company wiki
  • Integrations
  • High security and privacy
  • Great customer support
  • With the infinite number of members, posts, comments, pages, and files, BlogIn developed a service that meets various types of needs of teams of any size, allowing the members to chat just about anything without any limitations.
  • A collaborative, yet non-limiting nature of BlogIn along with features that encourage comments, feedback, and interactive communication makes this software a perfect online tool for boosting company culture and increasing happiness at work.
  • Integrations with Slack and other tools via Zapier and automatic information transfer between apps make the whole communication among team members synced, organized, and productive.
  • A free 14-day trial, but no free options.
  • No live chat.


  • File-sync capabilities
  • Multiple devices supported
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Free trial
  • Video tutorials
  • The same-page, easy-to-manage structure of Samepage allows its user to monitor task progress and discuss with other team members in real time, which greatly saves time, increases productivity, and improves team communication.
  • A native both desktop and mobile app created for any platform make this service accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • A diversity of features and integration capabilities with other apps through Zapier make Samepage a fully-fledged service for team collaboration and project management.
  • No free options.
  • No email integration.


  • Multiple languages supported
  • Multiple devices supported
  • Email integration
  • Cloud storage
  • Native mobile app
  • The combination of communication, file sharing, and task management features makes this application an efficient project management tool.
  • The 90-day money-back guarantee provides flexibility and opportunity to test the software and decide if you like it with no expense if you don’t.
  • With the Microsoft Office integration option and the ability to sync all files across all devices, Huddle makes it possible to access, create, and edit documents directly in Microsoft Office from any device.
  • Not free, relatively expensive.
  • A free 90-day trial, but with 100MB of online storage space and other limitations.
  • No group chat.


  • Visuality
  • Pen feature
  • Templates
  • Interactive library
  • Endless whiteboard
  • Sticky notes
  • Integrations with various apps
  • Extension for Google Chrome
  • Real-time functionality with face-to-face chat options brings remote teams together and makes them feel a part of the team.
  • Infinite canvas with a lot of tools boosts creativity and makes visual planning meeting and brainstorming sessions a whole lot easier.
  • Requires guidance to learn how to use it
  • No phone support
  • Free services limited to 3 board, 3 users per board, and 100MB of storage space


  • All in one tool for planning, collaboration, and organizing
  • Easy to use and neat interface
  • Third party integrations
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Powerful features like Task management, File-sharing, Gantt charts, and Reports make it an effective project management software.
  • It offers multiple third-party integrations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Onedrive to enable effective collaboration.




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