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  • Curtis Smith

    Curtis Smith

    Partner working on Celo #crypto #blockchain #incluđź’˛ive

  • Paul Fussell

    Paul Fussell

    Business Consultant

  • CommSkills Group

    CommSkills Group

    A national presentation & communication skills training organization. Training you to communicate information & pitch ideas. Founded by @MrTerryWard

  • shawn kelly

    shawn kelly

    research and information junkie ,technology enthusiast & automation advocate ,organization strategist, advocate for faith based social development

  • Brian Nunnery

    Brian Nunnery

    Director of Social Media at @OnlineMedEd. Native Austinite. Husband, dad, cyclist, urbanist, advocate.

  • Nextplane Inc.

    Nextplane Inc.

    Connect. Any Team. Any Where.

  • Communication Lover

    Communication Lover

    Communications Consultant, London heart, New Zealand in Rome, Life lover, Positive thinker, Polyglot. 'Be Brave enough to start a conversation that matters'.

  • ClearBox Consulting

    ClearBox Consulting

    Digital workplace consultancy on intranets and SharePoint. Focus on strategy and governance to enhance internal comms, collaboration and adoption.

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