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In the world where we have numerous communication channels available and thousands of tools that we can use to get in touch, there are still some areas of our life where we don’t communicate enough. One such area is internal company communication. Today we will talk about communication between different departments in a company and give you a few advice on how to improve it by using BlogIn.

There are two reasons why we choose to talk about actions that you can take to make inter-department communication better. The first one is the fact that says that two out of three persons believe that the communication between departments in their companies is quite poor.

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The second reason is that a lot of companies that use BlogIn today are companies organized by departments. Our tool is a perfect fit for them, and we believe that it can help the others as well.

For a start, let’s see what are the main reasons that are preventing information flow between departments in a company:

  1. Personal conflicts between department managers. Even if there are only two persons involved in a direct disagreement, their dispute will affect processes within the company and interrupt the entire workflow.
  2. Physical separation of different departments. There are a lot of examples of successful teams who are working remotely, but this is not something that can serve for everyone.
  3. Office tribalism. The anthropological fact is that people are identifying with the group where they belong. If a person is focused only on her department (modern tribe), she can’t collaborate effectively with the others.
  4. Industry stereotypes. You have probably heard a story that tells that developers are those geeky, quiet guys who know nothing but their code; or the one about designers who should be hipsters to be any good. Such stories are making communication between departments quite difficult.
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These are some common issues that are present in most of the companies nowadays. Company management must find a mechanism to prevent such problems from happening and escalating into a major difficulty that would block the entire company workflow. Implications of a bad communication between departments will affect everyone — your employees (who will be far less productive) and your customers (who will suffer from bad customer service and leave). To prevent your company from declining, you need to take some action and make communication between department in your company better.

We have a suggestion for you — start using an internal communications tool, such as BlogIn, to mitigate those issues and permanently improve internal communication in your company. Here’s what BlogIn can do for you and departments in your company and how you can use it to make things better:

  • Identify the information each department needs every day. Such information can be a report on available supplies in the storage, the number of orders made by customers, or a bug record from QA team. Without this data production process would stop. After identifying key information, use BlogIn to share that essential information between departments in an easy and transparent way, every day.
  • Include communication in your working process. In case you haven’t done it yet, do it immediately. Communication should be one of the most important procedures in your company. Write it down (as a BlogIn post) and explain to people how they can communicate, when can they do it and in what way. Make yourself a good example and the others will follow.
  • Practice JFK communication exercise. It’s quite simple: your employees should ask not what information the other departments should deliver to them, but what information they can provide to the others. This test will help them walk the mile in the other department’s shoes and see how important some info is for them. Again, BlogIn is a perfect playground for this “game”.
  • Organize effective team building activities. Some of you may be a skeptic when it comes to team building activities, but they do work and bring people closer. If you wish to get it right, make sure that the entire team can make it. You can schedule and announce it on your internal blog on BlogIn. Bonus advice: hire a team building specialist, who will organize and conduct such a weekend for you. It is really worth it.

By using an internal blog, you can improve communication between different departments in your company, enjoy benefits of higher engagement of your employees and get an effective inner organization with a mechanism to prevent conflicts. On top of that, your customers will be much happier because they will receive better care and treatment.

What methods have you used to set quality communication in your company? Do you use some online tool, or you have some other methods? Feel free to let us know your secret, we will appreciate it!

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