How to Structure Information on a Company Wiki


Company wikis can contain a wide variety of information, from general company info and conduct policies to specific workflows and knowledge bases and beyond. Before you start devising a wiki, think long and hard about what you wish to achieve with it. A good way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of a new employee at his or her new job and think about any information they might need to quickly become a productive team member.

A brief list of types of information most commonly found on company wikis:

  • general policies and guidelines, — basic work procedures (email setup, communication tools, etc.),
  • organizational structure, — basic employee information, — production pipeline, — necessary software, — knowledge base,
  • company-wide news


A wiki can contain the most useful information in the world and still fail its purpose if the user doesn’t know where to look. Therefore, organizing a variety of information on your company wiki is essential. Ideally, a wiki should be logical, convenient, and easy to navigate. Start with a small number of general categories that cover the entirety of information found on the wiki (think: company info, procedures, and guidelines, news, projects, knowledge base, etc.), and then segment it further within each individual category. Think of how a user would look for a specific piece of information, and make sure you test your organizational prowess on others — their feedback will tell you whether you’re on the right track or not.


Allowing everyone to add to the growing knowledge base is great in theory, but not everyone is equally comfortable with providing their two cents. People will often avoid contributing due to their doubts and uncertainties about the preferred shape and structure, and even contents of what they wish to contribute. A way to alleviate this problem and make it easier for everyone to contribute is to standardize your wiki and create templates for the submission of any information. Of course, this is not applicable in every occasion, but, whenever possible, try to provide your employees with clear directions on how something should be done.


One of the defining characteristics of a wiki its openness to everyone. It can be edited by anyone, and anyone can contribute to raising the overall level of knowledge and information. It is great because it allows employees to share any knowledge useful to others and update any info that’s obsolete and incomplete in a quick and convenient manner. On the other hand, in wrong hands, it can lead to incorrect information. You can solve this problem by maintaining a certain level of moderation.



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