Reducing Gender Gap in the Workplace Through Better Internal Communication

Communication gap

Further complicating the matter of gender-sensitive communication in the workplace is the apparent difference in how men and women talk about work. The so-called “ gender communication gap” is backed by research showing that men are more likely to emphasize individual achievements, while women tend to view their contributions in a team context.

Stylistic distinctions

The gender communication gap is also reflected in the differences in the style of communication in a professional environment. Without any desire to enforce stereotypes and with the full understanding that this doesn’t apply to all men and women, empirical data does reveal a number of distinct ways in which men and women generally tend to engage differently in a professional environment.

Healthy foundation

Today’s cultural and social moment requires us to be aware and respectful of the differences present in any workplace in order to make it truly fair and equal. There are no sure-fire procedures for building a company culture that addresses and respects the diversity of its collective, but the way a company communicates internally sets the tone for its inner professional dynamics.

  • Inclusion: make sure that everyone has their say, particularly in meetings and collaborative situations; don’t tailor specific solutions for specific segments of employees, even when they are well-intentioned;
  • Acknowledgment: encourage clear ownership of responsibilities for a truthful acknowledgment of individual efforts;
  • Common goals: motivating employees to rally around and collaborate towards achieving shared goals is the best way to make everyone feel involved and included.
  • Feedback: provide the employees with a platform to voice their opinion and be prepared to listen.



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