Transparent Team Communication: Why and How to Embrace It

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Have you ever wondered what the primary employee engagement drivers are? Have you thought about what makes certain companies better to work for, or specific teams more desirable to work with than others? What is the secret that lies behind the great achievements of those teams? I am assuming you guessed it right. If not, the answer is Trust.

Why is trust so essential?

Why transparency behind trust?

Literarily, being transparent means being easily seen through.

The context of transparency in the organization’s actions and the team’s communication is as simple as it is: No secrets. It is taking actions in such a way that others can easily see them. People like to know things. No one feels comfortable being surrounded by secrets and hidden information, especially in a workplace.

Is there enough trust within your team? Take a quick test:

  • Communication — If your team members don’t have a habit of open communication and information sharing, your team lacks trust.
  • Honesty — If your team members hide things, calculate or manipulate information, your team lacks trust.
  • Feedback — If your team members defend themselves when being evaluated, your team lacks trust.
  • Respect — If your team members don’t clear up conflicts and arguments right away, your team lacks trust.
  • Admitting wrong — If your team members are afraid of making mistakes, your team lacks trust.

Companies are embracing transparency in different ways more than ever before, while some of them going to the extreme by making all internal conversations, salaries and other information available for everyone inside the company.

The results we found are showing a massive increase in productivity, achievements, employee performance, and the overall quality of relationship and collaboration between team members. Let’s see why.

What you are going to find below are some aspects and benefits of open communication, the ways productive teams encourage transparency, and how you can practice and use it in your team to get the most out of your efforts and collaboration. Read on!

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7 magic benefits of open and honest communication:

Trust and loyalty

Information flow




Strengthening relationships

No surprises

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7 magic ways productive teams encourage transparency and how you can do it:

Understand the benefits of transparency

Be a role model

Talk openly. Share your knowledge freely. Offer suggestions. Express your opinion. Be confident in doing all these things and motivate your peers to do the same. Let them feel comfortable to open up and inspired to share ideas by being aware that there are no wrong questions or thoughts, just different viewpoints, and beliefs.

Be available:

Make yourself available. Let people feel comfortable to approach you. By doing so, you will encourage your peers to share information frequently and make themselves approachable as well.

Communicate changes in work processes

Involve everyone in decision-making processes

Don’t make an assumption — seek to understand

Get to know each other personally

Create awareness among all team members

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What’s your strategy to foster transparency? Choose one now!

If you feel that your team lacks trust and openness, take the baby steps. Start with small changes. Choose one thing that everyone needs to share, or a subject on which everyone has to be regularly updated, and let it be your unique badge. Come up with your own and original transparency strategy. It doesn’t have to be work related at first. Begin with something that you believe everyone will feel comfortable sharing and slowly build a transparent culture in your team. Once you all fully embrace transparency and when it becomes a part of your team’s culture and behavior, you can start building a real foundation of trust and loyalty and begin practicing the magic ways of encouraging transparency as productive teams do!

And, of course, follow up with your team, make sure to check with them what they think and feel about those organizational changes and adjust your strategy accordingly.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with us how your team practices transparent communication, what is your unique transparency habit, and how it contributes to your success!

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